Colorado doles out more grants to innovative companies and projects

Denver Business Journal
Mar 14, 2014

Colorado has awarded another $1.9 million to colleges and early-stage companies with advanced-industries products it believes can be marketable.

Five $250,000 early-stage capital and retention grants went to companies producing products ranging from prosthetic feet to vapor-recovery modules for oil and gas sites.

Meanwhile, state officials awarded a combined 10 proof-of-concept grants to Colorado State UniversityColorado School of Mines and University of Colorado officials working on developing projects ranging from advanced manufacturing systems for seed treatment to flexible thermal ground planes for smart phones and tablets.

These awards follow initial $2.9 million funding the Colorado Economic Development Commission bestowed through the first-year program in December.

“Colorado has a robust private sector filled with brilliant minds leading the way. Whenever possible, we will be a partner,” Gov. John Hickenlooper said.
To see the full list of newly funded projects, click here.

Original article can be found here.

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