The Sculpture Games Are Coming to the Denver Mini Maker Faire!


Come to the 1st EVER Denver Mini Maker Faire and experience the 3rd Sculpture Games in action!

What is the Sculpture Games?  Watch the video below to find out!

A truck full of discarded items (think old car parts, wooden scraps and fabric) that 10 teams of artists will use on May 3rd & 4th to design works of art.  The teams will get to work both Friday and Saturday.

Team members will have 10 minutes on the first day to grab anything out of the cornucopia that they want for their sculptures.  After that, the groups will rotate every hour to grab more items from the pile. Anything they bring to their station must be used in the sculpture. Points will be docked for items left unused.

“Saturday morning there will be a twist; they will come back and there will be a new rule or object to incorporate into the sculpture,” Megan Tracy, Games Coordinator, said.

Think you have what it takes to compete in the 2014 Sculpture Games at the Denver Mini Maker Faire? Then sign up today! For more information, visit the Sculpture Games website.

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