The Denver Mini Maker Faire

Simone Cordery-Cotter

V3 Media Marketing

In a beautiful marriage of physical craftsman ship and digital distribution, the Colorado Maker Hub and V3 Media Marketing have teamed up to provide digital video production and distribution to promote the First Annual Denver Mini Maker FaireThe V3 team will be at the event onMay 3rd and 4th, interviewing makers, attendees, and sponsors to assemble a recap video of the entire event.  “We’re very thankful to have V3 Media Marketing helping us out and creating a buzz for this event.  They specialize in video for the Colorado manufacturing industry, so it’s really a perfect relationship,” said Elizabeth Van Dyne, Executive Director for the Colorado Maker Hub and producer for the Denver and NoCo Mini Maker Faires.  “This collaboration will go a long way toward making our Denver Maker Faire a success.”  The quality video produced by V3 will serve to spread the message and encourage excitement in the community for this new event, billed as ‘The Greatest Show (and Tell) On Earth.’

The Colorado Maker Hub, in their own words, serves as “a platform and champion for the community of makers, hackers, creators, tinkerers, and crafters.”  The Denver Mini Maker Faire, an offshoot of the original Maker Faire from San Mateo, CA, will become an annual festival to make, learn, invent, think, play, and be inspired by the creativity of others.  The gatherings have taken place all over the world, from Oslow, to Tokyo, the United Kingdom, and Paris.  The movement boasts some very high-profile sponsors such as SonyRadioshack, and Intel.

In Denver at the National Western Complex on May 3rd and 4th, an expected 12,000 people will attend the First Annual Denver Mini Maker Faire to experience and interact with the fruits of maker creativity in every form, from terrace greenhouses, to laser-cut wooden jewelry, knitted artwork, and robotics in every shape and size.  The event will also feature sculptors, artists, 3D printers, recyclers, rocket scientists, and everything in between.  And V3 Media Marketing will be present to capture all of it on video.

“Our niche is really Colorado manufacturing, and this event is just an extension of what we can build in this state, albeit on a much smaller scale,” said Logan Hale, V3’s Creative Director.  “That’s why it’s mini.”

V3 Media Marketing has already produced a series of promotional videos featuring some of the makers that will be released on YouTube in waves to stir up excitement for the show.  The videos released so far can be viewed on the Colorado Maker Faire YouTube channelTickets can be purchased here, on the Denver Maker Faire website.

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