AVC and SparkFun – fueling DIY fun!

AVCHave you always wanted to enter or attend SparkFun’s Automated Vehicle Competition (AVC)? Now in its 8th year, the AVC gets bigger and more fun every time. Happily for those of you wishing for a little more time to get your team and vehicle together, AVC has been moved to September 17th in 2016!

Traveling around the Front Range talking with makers, I am struck by how making and SparkFun are completely intertwined.  Last week, talking with a Robotics maker about his new arm design “I started with a SparkFun controller…”, then off to the Intel Makers/IoT Hackathon meetup “one of our preferred kits is the SparkFun…”, and talking with wearable fashion creators “we incorporate the SparkFun lily pads in…”.  SparkFun truly does fuel the DIY movement.sparkfun logo

As we spend a lot of time in maker and STEAM organizations, I also view firsthand what a fantastic corporate citizen SparkFun is. Just about every event or organization I visit has some participation from SparkFun and their team members – makerspaces, Girls in STEM, youth maker programs, museum programs, classes. We deeply appreciate how generous the team is with their time and technology across the maker community.

Check out this fascinating video of SparkFun’s Founder and CEO Nathan Seidle along with Ross Ingram, Community Manager of Sphero and Erik Schweikardt, Founder and CEO of Mod Robotics talking about the cross section of play and tech innovation.   This talk was given during the 2015 Denver Mini Maker Faire. SparkFun has been a founding and continuing sponsor of the NoCo and Denver Mini Maker Faires since our inception in 2013. Their booth is always one of the most popular and we can’t wait to see what they bring this year to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science on June 11/12!

20131005 NoCo_MiniMakerFair-279


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