Meet the Maker: Artocade


ArtoCade will be part of the Denver Mini-Maker Faire June 11/12, 2016

 Yes, the rumors are true, ArtoCade will once again need Mini-Maker Faire attendees to help us make an art car that will then be included this Fall in the ArtoCade Festival held in Trinidad, CO – September 9 & 10.

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What the heck is an art car? These kooky conveyances are artfully embellished vehicles created by “cartists” young and old. Simply put…… “If you can’t drive it, it’s a float.” So, any drivable art vehicle > cars, trucks, motorcycles, bikes, trikes, scooters, golf carts, tractors, ATVs etc < can be part of the fun. Some vehicles are rolling sculptures that took years to construct while others are cool but temporary creations. Not many rules in the “Art Car Nation”… Creativity is the name of the game.

What in the world (or should we say, “out of this world”) is ArtoCade? It’s a festival held annually on the second weekend in September in Trinidad, CO. In only their third year, ArtoCade was selected as the recipient of the prestigious “Governor’s Award for Downtown Excellence – Best Festival.”ewf 03

Listen people…… ArtoCade is way more than your typical parade. It’s a visual explosion that elicit jaw-dropping awe along with the infectious smile of your inner kid. You will be amazed, humored, baffled, astounded and inspired by what rolls down the historic brick streets of Trinidad. You see, after the “cargantuan” parade the kooky conveyances stay downtown on Main St. for countless photos and an opportunity to meet the quirky and creative souls that made them. There’s also a wide array of booths filled with art, crafts, food and fun.

On the Friday night, there are numerous activities and some pretty darn extraordinary art shows. In years past there have been exhibits called “Auto-Motivation” and “Hubcapalooza” and this year there will be “Traffic Cona Lisa” at Galerie Vivante. Also there is the mostly impromtu gathering of art cars on Main St. After the art shows, there’s an opportunity to hang out with the cartists at BRIX sports bar for some good grub, adult beverages and witty banter.

On Saturday night after the parade and the afternoon madness, the fun shifts kicks into high gear at the CarDango Dance/Party/Circus/Revue. This gala includes 2 bands (“Vehicle” and “Crystal & the Curious”), some truly unique performances, dancing, and odd acts (like the Firecracker Hats) that will delight and amaze you. Note: This is an evening of entertainment not recommended for children >>> That should tell you something. It costs only $20-$25 for what is guaranteed to be a memorable evening of the unexpected.

So Mini-Maker Faire folks…….. Come on down to the Denver Mini Maker Faire on June 11/12 and be part of the fun. We need your help in making a brand new art car for ArtoCade 2016. Then in September, you and all you friends can come be part of the most absolutely “carvelous” festival in all the land.

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2 responses to “Meet the Maker: Artocade

  1. How could anyone resist going to ArtoCade… AND…. by being part of the Denver Mini Maker Faire by helping make an art car entry for this year’s ArtoCade parade? How I ask you; how?

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