Making with Metal

Some very talented metal makers will be with us at the Denver Faire – are you ready to create with them? 

Metalsmith/Artist Ira Sherman will be bringing his Toys that Play with People: perform “toy dissections” and explore ways to connect the electrical toy circuits to mechanical pneumatic components.

The Naja Tool & Supply/Denver School of Metal Arts
Working with copper, stamps, a tabletop hydraulic press and various hand tools, you will be able to stamp letters and form your own designs to create your own necklace/charm/zipper pull.

Get Welding !
This hands on welding activity allows participants to try real welding with a welding booth that is self contained and allows participants to try real welding in a safe manner. Participants use the built in gloves and eye shield to MIG weld (a type of Arc welding) to pieces of metal together. Participants as young as 6 (with parents/guardians present) have successfully welded using this booth.  

Join Colorado Sheet Metal Apprentice Center to build your own toolbox.

20141004 Saturday-200_WEB-X2

And don’t forget to stop and say hello to our mascot, Pokey the Fire Breathing Dragon, built for the first Denver Faire by Ed VanDyne with help from Holden Sherard and eyes made by glass artist Dina Kalahar.  




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