And Makerspace Shenanigans commence!

At the Mini Maker Faires we are used to putting together combustible materials, fire, electronics, sharp objects. And we work hard to have good safety plans in place to ensure the safety of all participants. Still, this year, at the Denver Faire, we have some combustible elements coming together for which there is no control….

pikes peak makerspace

Pikes Peak Makers Preparing for….?

At the request of DenHac’s leader, Robb, we have put most of the makerspaces from along the Front Range in one Atrium.  Usually peaceful when seen individually, in the wild, who knows what shenanigans will break out when these highly creative, fun loving and a teensy bit competitive people are gathered in a confined area?

Makerspaces are not only known for being places where you can access the tools, knowledge and support to create and build things, they are also hotbeds of creative community fun- where game nights, creative competition and geek culture abound.  At the Denver Faire you’ll be able to find the space closest to you


TinkerMill Team Strategizing…


and experience the warm camaraderie and sharing ethos of the maker movement. But be careful crossing between two spaces – who knows what could happen in the crossfire??

Once you see the marvels being created by these spaces, you’ll want to know where and how you can become a part of these maker communities. Come check them out this weekend at the Faire! They always bring the coolest creations to play with – from exploding circuits to the Artemis Bridge, you’ll be amazed.

And if you are outside of the Front Range, take a look at the statewide map of makerspaces at our website, they are listed under the Community tab.


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