Meet the Makers

DMNS planetariumFly the Planetarium!
Where in the Universe do you want to go today? Grab the controls and bring the planets and stars to you!  This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to control the planetarium inside the DMNS.

ewf 03Art-o-cade
Where else do get a chance to express your creativity on a car? Come help create an art car – kooky conveyances, artfully embellished vehicles created by “cartists” young and old. Some vehicles are rolling sculptures that took years to construct while others are cool but temporary creations. Not many rules in the “Art Car Nation”… Creativity is the name of the game.

Serenity Forge: Musical Experience
Use the motion of your arms and hands to create magical lines on a screen that interact with falling objects to generate music. Watch and listen as the objects bounds around the lines, creating a symphony of sounds that come together like magic. The inspirational team at Serenity Forge create interactive experiences that challenge the way you think.

Sound In 3D
Come experience the physics of sound through the frequencies of vibration; not only with your hearing, but also with your sense of touch. This magical technology “draws the user into an ‘audio 3D’ experience unlike any other. A true Doppler effect is experienced. The user actually ‘feels’ the music, words or actions creating a real sense of motion and space that one sense alone is incapable of eliciting.” Robert D. LeDonne, Inventor

20131005 NoCo_MiniMakerFair-279SparkFun Electronics
Come build a blinky badge and try out cool electronics from the always imaginative SparkFun Electronics! Learn to create with electronics at a workshop with SparkFun engineers. SparkFun electronics truly fuel the DIY movement and this is your chance to engage hands-on with their products and creation team.  

Robots, Robots, Robots!  Need we say more?

Become an Inventor! Get hands-on with the US Patent and Trade Office, participate in an Inventors Workshop, designing solutions to real world challenges using engaging characters from Giants to Pirates.

20141004 Saturday-46_WEB-XL

Wampa Wear
Come hang out with R2D2 and enjoy the Star Wars Cosplay.



Play a laser harp (What?) and power the Enterprise!  Denhac, Colorado’s oldest hackerspace, will be showcasing two Colorado Maker Hub sponsored hands-on demonstrations – the “Artemis” starship bridge simulator and a laser harp, along with all of our usual menagerie of all things hacker.

Creativity – weaving tech and textiles
We’ve brought together an amazing series of artists and tech tinkerers to help inspire you to create.  Develop your own fashions with RAFT‘s Recycled Fashion Show, create with Haptika‘s DIY wearable technology kits, learn to weave with the DAM FAST women, check out lacemaking and winners from the Paper Fashion Show, hands-on play marrying textiles and tech.

Epilog_Logo_3D-285x300Epilog Laser
Check out the latest in laser engraving and cutting with Epilog.



Emily Griffith Technical College
Emily Griffith Technical College has classes to help you unleash your inner maker. From Furniture Upholstery to Clock Repair and everything in between. We will be demonstrating Blacksmithing, Furniture Upholstery, Welding, and Jewelry design.

We teach kids to love coding because coding is about making stuff and making stuff is where it’s at. Bitsbox delivers crazyfun app-building projects to thousands of smart kids every month. We print our projects on beautiful books and trading cards and stickers and tattoos and (sometimes) whoopie cushions.

IMG_1642Fun with Pinball
A hands on exploration of electricity, magnetism and fantastic mechanical devices using retired parts from pinball machines.



Mac in the Box
Channel your inner MacGyver! See if you can solve this engineering and creative problem-solving challenge whereby a standard Jack in the Box is placed in a fixed location on a table along with a small flag resting on a Lego platform (also stationary). Participants are given a bag of random stuff—office supplies, toys, cooking utensils, a shoestring, etc.—and they have to use the stuff to “MacGyver” together a Rube Goldberg sequence that will ultimately knock over the flag, and the sequence must begin by simply turning the knob on the Jack in the Box.

Musical Bottle and Tube Bonanza
The slide-lekk is a tube for blowing into, if you want to make musical sounds. It is a slightly modified version of an ancient African flute. These coke bottles are percussion instruments that change pitch depending on the air pressure inside.

Play-Well TEKnologies
Come see and interact with LEGO engineering projects alongside Play-Well instructors. Battle a friend on the Battletracks or help us build a world in Minecraft.

The Programmable Box
The Programmable Box is a fun and interactive way to teach/learn C/C++ programming for young adults between 10 and 18. The box contains a microprocessor, six different colored LED’s, a potentiometer, buzzer, ultra-sonic range detector and two dual-colored LED’s. The user manual assumes no knowledge of computer programming and walks the student through progressively more complex programs that utilize the LED’s, buzzer, etc

Thriving Trades: Cultivate Imagination
To build a bright future, we need to know how to cultivate and sparkle our imagination and to develop the forces of creativity that will generate our own pictures and visions of the future. To build a bright future we need the right environment to foster our inner space. At Thriving Trades we strive to help you create the right environment to slow down. Our products are designed to help you relax, reset your mind and cultivate your imagination. The time to build a bright future is now.

Bridge Challenge by Team Trotbot

Bridge Testing with screen

Can you build the strongest bridge at the Denver Mini Maker Faire?  Use your ingenuity to build a bridge, test its failure weight, and then modify it to increase its strength.  See if you can set the Faire’s record!   



Full Maker List with Map location:

Center Aleph Objects
Center Epilog Laser
Center Sparkfun Electronics
Center Mobile Maker Station
Center System76
Center NIST liquid nitrogen demonstrations
Center The Naja Tool & Supply/Denver School of Metal Arts
Center CU-Boulder ATLAS Tactile Picture Book Project
North Pad ArtoCade + chalkboard car
Outdoors Amateur Radio
Outdoors Glass blowing/ alien suit
Outdoors Hands-On Welding Booth
Outdoors Human Foosball
Outdoors Pokey, the fire breathing dragon
Outdoors Rocketworks
Outdoors Solar Rollars
Outdoors Thriving Trades: Cultivate Imagination
Outdoors Sarqit Outdoor Living School
Outdoors Red Button Labs
Outdoors Colorado SheetMetal Training Institute
Outdoors Musical Bottle and Tube Bonanza
Outdoors Haptika
Outdoors PrecogNation
Outdoors Mac in the Box
Outdoors The Craftsman & Apprentice
Outdoors Mackintosh Academy- Engineering Meets Art: Exploring Form and Function
Outdoors Art on Hemp Paper and CoHempCo Promo Booth
Outdoors Colorado Springs Mini Maker Faire
Outdoors Rocketworks
Outdoors (Narrows) Butterfly Stitchers
Outdoors (Narrows) HISS Studio & Sewbago sewing classes
Planetarium Fly the Planetarium
Planetarium (around) Funkey
Planetarium (around) Making with Minions, Wearable Tech
Planetarium (around) Transfiguration Bustle
Planetarium (around) Wampa Wear
Planetarium (corridor) Solid State Depot
Planetarium (Science Classroom) Praxis Guitars
Planetarium (Science Classroom) Sound In 3D
Planetarium (Science Classroom) Youth in Model Railroading
Planetarium (Science Classroom) Robot Olympics
Roaming Mobile Maker Cupcake
South Hall Sierra Nevada Corporation’s Space Systems
South Hall Goally Inc.
South Hall Serenity Forge: Musical Experience
South Hall Bitsbox
South Hall FunGram
South Hall Hands-On Animation with Dototot
South Hall Inspiring Intrinsic Motivation in all students
South Hall Nixcore
South Hall Play-Well TEKnologies
South Hall ROBAUTO
South Hall Front Range Community College
South Hall USPTO
South Hall Revive Gifts
South Hall mcSquares
South Hall The Sun Will Rise
Southeast atrium Bridge Challenge
Southeast atrium Arapahoe Libraries Big Ideas with Small Electronics
Southeast atrium BLDG 61: Boulder Library Makerspace
Southeast atrium Denhac
Southeast atrium Geekify Inc
Southeast atrium Loveland CreatorSpace
Southeast atrium MSU Denver Engineering & Engineering Technology
Southeast atrium Poems
Southeast atrium Red Rocks Community College IDEA Lab
Southeast atrium The Gizmo Dojo
Southeast atrium TinkerMill
Southeast Atrium Toys That Play With People
Southeast Atrium RAFT “UPscale” Fashion Show
Southeast Atrium Girl Geek Dinner Booth
Southeast Atrium Fun with Pinball
Southeast Atrium HONING H365 Desktop CNC
Southeast Atrium Tropix Aquaponics
Southeast Atrium The Green Beer Chandolier
Southeast atrium (feature) DAM FAST Women
Southeast Atrium (lunchroom) Lace Making
Southeast Atrium (lunchroom) The Silk Screen Machine
Southeast Atrium (Lunchroom) Slow Color
Southeast Atrium (Lunchroom) Rocky Mountain Wa Shoniji Quilt Guild Multimedia Quilting
Southeast Atrium (Lunchroom) ACC’s We Made This
West Atrium EcoMark Solar
West Atrium Raptor Education Foundation
West Atrium Barnes & Noble
West Atrium Inventivity Squares
West Atrium Glamour Bowz
West Atrium ADCD Booth



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