Want to be a part of this crazy fun celebration of ingenuity and artistry? Want to be part of an innovative team of engaged creatives?  The Denver Mini Maker Faire is a volunteer based organization and we need your help!

Volunteers get:

  • Free entrance into the Faire and the Museum to enjoy after your shift
  • Volunteer exclusive hospitality room with free snacks and beverages
  • A free T-shirt
  • Volunteer Celebration after the faire
  • and to be part of an amazing team of makers.


If you have any questions about volunteering for the Denver Mini Maker Faire after reviewing our needs below, contact Becky (at) comakerhub (dot) org to get more information.


Here is what some of our volunteer positions look like:


  • Helping build exhibits – have you ever wanted to work with a team on building a drone obstacle course, a reubens tube, or a maker game?  Let us know what your skills and interests are and we’ll set up game building teams!
  • Exhibit Staff – join us at fun events around town and help staff our booth and promote the faire.  We get to go to the most fun events!
  • Maker Relations Outreach – help us find the coolest makers around the state and reach out to sign them up at the faire
  • General event marketing and organizing support
During the Event:
  • Set Up – Moving things in and setting up signs
  • Maker way-finding during check-in/move-in
  • Attendee Check- In: Ticket taking, stamping hands, and waiver release signing
  • Event ambassadors: help attendees find their way through the Faire
  • Maker happiness helpers during the event – supporting the booth opporations
  • Volunteer happiness support (food and drinks)
  • Announcers for speaker and demonstrations stages
  • Strike-down and move out on Sunday

***Organizations that provide a group of volunteers are offered in-kind benefits of a free booth or sponsorship!


In addition to the event, we aim to build the innovation community of Makers in Colorado and all the pieces that support it. 

2 responses to “Volunteer

  1. Hey Elise,
    I am officially volunteering…me (Billie) at least, more in the FAST group if they’re interested. I filled out a form for Kristi to get the pipe loom on ‘the list’ too. I am also volunteering to help with the loom if we choose to do that as a community weaving project.

    • What an amazing group. I spent Saturday afternoon in yarn stores in Fort Collins looking for things to make YoYos on my sweater – ideas abound! Many thanks to you.

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